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GYMFarm Offers

We offer THRIVE, Partner Training & Personal Training. Our unique THRIVE method uses strategies for training and wellness as the foundation for all programs. This approach creates a unique opportunity to prepare our participants for a new way to incorporate fitness with overall wellness. Look through our current training offerings below to learn more.

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Partner Training

Intense Training

Personal Training

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Connect Socially

8 week small group training program that emphasizes the 8 dimensions of wellness. Each group meets virtually, in person or a combination of both twice weekly and is an hour in length. THRIVE is designed to include modifications for every participant. 4 sessions annually that start the 2nd Monday in September, January, April and June. Also 4 class time options available to fit your schedule.

Train with a Friend, Spouse or Co-worker

Working out with a partner can make you push harder, do more than you would if you were working our on you own. It's a great way to expect, and get, more from yourself during your time in the gym. Plus we all know there is something satisfying about knowing the person next to you hates doing burpees as much as you do...but is continuing to do them (like you) anyways.

Customized for your goals

Combining your personal goals and our professional guidance, we will chart your path to fitness together. No matter what your exercise background is, whether you have or haven't ever set foot in a gym, EVERYONE is welcome. Right from the start we will set achievable goals at your level so that you will be abel to attain the best results.

Training for Active, Older Adults

If you're an active, older adult looking for a class with like minded people, select this membership!

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